Lustful Things – Geile Sachen!, Folge 38: Manfred Chobot, »the insidious heavy metal«

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Manfred Chobot

the insidious heavy metal

smoking poisons the air
kills fellow human beings
millions if not even more
statistics claim
like flies in october
it strikes down passive smokers
asthmatics and the weak-hearted
cancer pinches them all
and smoker’s legs
are amputated and are
no longer good for anything
but i love them
the rolled leaves
the nicotiana shrubs
not only when they are burning
even unburnt they lay there
pleasantly in your hand
could a blind person most certainly
read a poem from the bract leaf
and inhale its wayward scent
if he coughed from his lungs
even if endlessly heaved from the bronchia
capitulated and ejected
from the mouth and nose and ears
posing a threat to third-parties
the heavy metal crawls away
into carpets and into every sofa
and waits long there patiently
until a child climbs onto the sofa
then jumps at the infant and slips
the toddler body cancer patient
trustworthy researchers have shown
proven by conducting experiments
and i sod light up castro’s fields
as well as all his successors

translated by Paul-Henri Campbell

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Lustful Things - Geile Sachen!»Lustful Things – Geile Sachen!« im Archiv

»Lustful Things – Geile Sachen!« is an online collection of contemporary German-language poetry in English translation. All poems were taken from issue no. 22 of the German poetry magazine DAS GEDICHT, focused on the Poetry of Things. New English translations by Paul-Henri Campbell as well as the German originals are published here every Wednesday. All poems of this online-collection are also published in a special print-edition. In order to read previous poems in this series, click here.

»Lustful Things – Geile Sachen!« ist eine Online-Sammlung zeitgenössischer deutschsprachiger Dinggedichte in englischer Übersetzung. Alle Texte sind Band 22 der Zeitschrift DAS GEDICHT entnommen. Jeden Mittwoch erscheint ein neues Gedicht, das von Paul-Henri Campbell ins Englische übertragen wurde, zusammen mit dem deutschen Original. Die Beiträge dieser Online-Anthologie gibt es auch als Sonderausgabe in Buchform. Alle bereits erschienenen Folgen von »Lustful Things – Geile Sachen!« finden Sie hier.

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